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Print Design Brochures That Sell

Using strategic layout and compelling imagery, custom designed brochures can attract the targeted customer you desire.

No matter what you need to promote, the succinct and engaging format of a brochure will be an invaluable part of your marketing efforts.

Custom Designed Brochures - A Small Business Asset


A brochure can give you instant credibility. While having business cards and letterhead is expected, a brochure dives in just a bit deeper providing a more polished and well rounded communication.

Brand Recognition

In today's competitive market, people are overwhelmed with product placement. Brand recognition is important and a brochure can help your company become recognized. Customers will see your company logo and immediately make the connection between you and the products or services you offer.


Options for brochures are virtually endless. Use them as a small booklet, mailer, point of sale piece or leave behind. The variety brochures provide make them an excellent choice for marketing!

Types of Brochures

Small Single Panel

Small Single PanelAlso known as a "rack card", these one page brochures are a great way to show customers some of the other products or services you offer. More for information on this type of brochure, click here.

Sell Sheet Brochure Design Layout

Large Single PanelA standard size 8.5" x 11" brochure design works well in folder presentations and sales meetings for small businesses.

2 Panel Brochures

2 Single PanelPerfect for a self mailer, as its design gives you more space than a postcard

Large 2 Panel Brochure Design Layout

For more substantial mailers or point of purchase. This brochure design layout is typically as an abbreviated catalog.

Tri Fold Brochures

Tri Fold Brochure3 panel brochure great for a leave behind or mailer


Booklet BrochuresMulti-page brochure that can accent several services or be used as leave behind product catalog


Looking for something outside the box? Give us a call.

Tips for use

  • Mailers-use for direct mail marketing to targeted customers
  • Hand outs-get brand recognition at tradeshows, seminars, or conferences
  • Menus-a take out menu for your restaurant
  • Coupons-add coupons to your brochure to give customers an incentive to buy
  • Point of sale pieces-leave these brochures in racks where impulse purchases occur
  • Newsletters-tell a little about your company


See examples of our brochure designs here.

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Brochure Design Samples

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