Hotel WiFi Installation for Hotels in need of WiFi install for their guests

Hotel Wifi Installation and Services by ACF

While business travelers have come to expect Hotel WiFi access, virtually every type of traveler wants to stay connected while they are away from home. Hotel guests want to check their e-mail, use the internet to explore local attractions and restaurants, and get directions to their destinations.

Guests that use web enabled laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices, or even printers and other peripherals; seek out hotels with WiFi installations. The demand for WiFi access grows daily, and hotels that recognize and support this demand by investing in Hotel WiFi installations are reaping the benefits!

ACF's flexible access rate models can also help you to decide whether to charge guests for WiFi access, and if so, how much to charge. So in addition to attracting and maintaining customers, Hotel WiFi installation can also help your bottom line directly.

A Personal Approach to WiFi Installation Solutions

ACF consultants provide one-on-one consultation in order to fully understand the individual needs of your hotel or resort. We recognize that no one knows your business better then you do and our goal is to provide you with a WiFi solution that exceeds your expectations.

We consult with you through every phase of the design and installation process and then provide reliable support services that let you focus on your business.

ACF - Your One Stop Source for Hotel Wifi Installation and Service

ACF provides comprehensive hotel WiFi solutions, from planning and design, through installation and support. Our integrated approach eliminates the frustration associated with working with multiple vendors and also saves you time and money.

ACF's Hotel WiFi Services include:

  • Planning and design
  • Professional installation of all components
  • WiFi network monitoring to identify problems before they happen
  • Preventative maintenance to keep your hotel WiFi system operating smoothly
  • State of the art security and authentication tools
  • A business access portal that allows you to add and delete accounts; monitor WiFi usage; view revenue reports; and design and modify what guests see when they log in and how they access the internet.
  • 1-800 telephone support for your hotel guests, 24 hours a day every day, eliminating the need for support by your employees
  • Flexible rate model options that allow you decide whether to charge for Hotel WiFi access and how much to charge
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