ACF offers continuous data protection through our secure data backup solutions.

Secure Data Backup

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Not all data backup providers are alike. When choosing a backup provider, there are two things you should keep in mind: secure data backup and continuous data protection. ACF's offsite backup solutions can provide you both.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection refers to backups that are made automatically by saving a copy of every change made to that data. This method of data backup captures every version of the data saved, allowing users to restore that data to any given point in time.

Benefits of an Offsite Backup

Preserves every save

A major advantage to continuous data protection is that it preserves the records of every save that has taken place. If something happens to a file, such as it gets infected by a Trojan or virus, it can easily be restored to the last clean copy.

Quick recovery of files

Another big advantage to continuous data protection is you can recover files very quickly. Within a matter of seconds, you can recover data if you need to, which isn't always the case with tape or other forms of backup.

Peace of Mind

If a natural disaster happens, such as a tornado or hurricane, your data is not in the same location as your business, so theirs is less of a worry about losing it if the unthinkable happens. Data stored is protected using the latest password and encryption technology in a place that is monitored 24//7/265. Because of this technology, nobody will have access to your data but you, making it a very secure data backup method!

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