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Server Virtualization


You may have heard the terms server virtualization or data virtualization in the past, but weren't sure what it meant. Server virtualization allows the conversion of one server into many virtual devices. Each virtual server acts like a separate physical device that is capable of running its own operating system. Through advancements in technology, server and data virtualization can now offer many advantages to the day-to-day operations of small and large businesses alike.

Data Virtualization Benefits for your Business

Disaster Recovery

A big advantage to server virtualization is disaster recovery. It is very easy to transfer data to a virtual server, making back up and data recovery a simpler process. If a disaster does occur, data can be restored for a virtual server quickly, giving your business minimal downtime.

Reduced Space

Virtual servers save space through consolidation. Since a virtual server can handle multiple applications, there is no longer a need to have a separate server for each application your business uses, reducing the amount of servers your business needs. Server virtualization can reduce the physical space you need for storing servers drastically.

Environmentally Friendly

A virtual environment is more environmentally friendly than a physical environment. Using fewer servers reduces power and energy use, which is not only helpful to the environment, but your wallet as well! Data virtualization can significantly decrease the amount of money your company spends on power bills and is a way you can help protect the environment.


Server provision isolates sections of your virtual server so that updates and tests do not interfere with other functions on the server. Big updates of changes to your business applications no longer have to be completed after hours because they can run without interfering with applications you or your employees might need to work.

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